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Ora Jean Lewis


Years in Industry: 40+

Received a Master's Degree in Cosmetology from the National Beauty Culturalist League (NBCL). She is the fire starter and teacher, mom of the business.  She educates clients and new talent on hair care and products. With hair care being her one true love, she pours her abundance of knowledge into anyone willing to listen. She has extensive knowledge of hair care and skin care,  from the inside out. She has always been a step ahead of industry standards, using state-of-the-art, unheard of methods to restore the hair  and get things growing. 
Hair Loss and Healthy Hair Restoration Specialist, Permanent Waves Specialist, Precision Colorist, Precision Cuts, Supplement Analysis and Replacement Specialist.  Extensively Trained in Tricology and Hair Loss Laser Therapy.

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